Vehicle Wraps Frequently Asked Questions


Why a vehicle wrap?

For personal vehicles a vehicle wrap is a temporary solution for a colour change, and a smaller expense than a paint colour change. For commercial vehicles a vehicle wrap is a cost effective solution for advertising efforts. A vehicle wrap allows you to enjoy your car in any colour, but also keep the original paintwork underneath.


What is vehicle wrap advertising?

For commercial vehicles, wrap advertising is where your company uses marketing efforts to wrap the vehicle in a certain design, either completely or partially to advertise the company or products/services. Vehicle wrap advertising offers one of the most popular, cost effective marketing/advertising efforts.


Can I choose a design for my wrap?

Of course, if you have a design in mind or some idea’s we can work with you to create a design that’s personalised to you or your company.


How long does it take to wrap a car?

Depending on if the vehicle wrap is a full or partial wrap will determine the time scale. The average time scale for a full vehicle wrap with us will be a working week. The time scale will be detailed when quoted.


Does vehicle wrapping cause damage?

Applying a vehicle wrap to your vehicle will not damage your paintwork, it actually acts as a protective film. However if the paintwork on your vehicle previously has stone chips or abrasions before the wrap, this could cause paintwork to be pulled off when the wrap is removed. This is the reason we ask that any stone chips, abrasions or rust patches are repaired before the vehicle wrap can be completed.

Also if your vehicle has recently been painted or paint repaired in places, if the vehicle is wrapped too early, this can cause the new paint to be pulled off when the vehicle wrap is removed.

Does the vehicle need prepping before wrapping?

Yes, we ask that all vehicles are cleaned and free from dust and dirt before we can complete a vehicle wrap. Also if your vehicle has been recently polished or waxed this would cause the wrap material to not stick, so we ask that this is all washed off.


Is it easy to remove a vehicle wrap?

A vehicle wrap is made to withstand a range of weather types for a certain amount of years, which means the longer the wrap is on the vehicle, the harder it may be to remove the wrap.


How long will a vehicle wrap last?

The life of a vehicle wrap is determined by the condition of the vehicle, the wrap material and also the up keep of the vehicle wrap. The typical life of a vehicle wrap can be up to five years.


Who do I need to advise about my vehicle wrap?

If you have a full or partial vehicle wrap you will need to inform both the DVLA and your vehicle insurance provider.


How do I wash my vehicle when it’s been wrapped?

When your vehicle has been wrapped it is best to hand wash your vehicle. You can also use a jet wash, but would need to keep a fair distance from the vehicle to ensure the power from the jet wash doesn’t damage the wrap. There is also specialised cleaners that we stock for cleaning wrap materials, as you must be aware of the chemicals you use.


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