Digital Print Vehicle Wraps

Many thousands of people may see your advertising and marketing messages every day as you and your staff drive around with them emblazoned on your vehicles. But if they’re hard to read because of poor design or a bad print job, you’re really wasting your time, and countless opportunities to increase your sales. Don’t let that happen to you.

Digital print wraps in Staffordshire don’t get any better than at Staffordshire Wrapz, a leader in high-end vehicle wrapping and employing the latest in digital printing technology to make absolutely sure your advertising stands out and is seen and understood.

You only have mere seconds to connect with potential new customers, and we go the extra mile to get you the advertising attention you deserve. That means checking that your proposed graphics are suitable for any particular vehicle and advising where the most suitable areas are for any or all parts of it.

Your company vehicles are mobile billboards and you’ll be amazed at the increase in interest in your products or services as you drive around Staffordshire or anywhere else in the country. To find out how you can get your own high-quality digital print vehicle wraps, contact us today and we’ll be pleased to advise.

Don’t forget we can collect and deliver your vehicle with our fully insured and compliant with the law on tachographs vehicle and tilt trailer, terms and conditions apply please call for details and costs.


Vehicle wrap graphic designs

To see a flipbook collection of our vehicle wrap graphic designs please click the links provided below and then contact 01543 684986 for further details if your interested in printing one of these designs on your vehicle:


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